About this, that & me

Hi everyone!

My name is Asura Enkhbayar and I am Master’s student in Cognitive Science at the University of Vienna. My background is in Electronics, which means that I’m quite proficient at changing light bulbs. Apart from these superiour light-bulb-replacing-skills, I also mastered the art of producing more or less properly working code (mostly data sciency & web-dev projects).

Currently I am utterly lost in the world of *isms and as a supporter of Open [1], I decided to start this blog and try to openly disentangle my thoughts.

Open… but how?

My first blog post is dedicated to this question, so I will just briefly introduce my idea of open collaboration on this blog:

Even though blogs are considered to be the personal space for a writer’s thoughts, it is common, if not even expected, to provide the reader with a possibility to leave a comment. I want to take it a step further and enable a more detailed discussion of content (comparable with annotation features of PDF viewers) and even go all the way to allowing the creation of content by the reader. The technology stack at the moment consists of Disqus for plain comments, Hypothesis for annotations and Pull Requests on GitHub for collaborative editing.

tl;dr — I am building and maintaining this experimental blog as part of a uni project, which means that you might experience interesting usability-related phenomena. Nevertheless, I am intending to write about cognitive science, open science, philosophy and some other things.

  1. Science, Access, Source, Data, Peer Review, Methodology, Educational Resources, Research, … ↩︎