My OpenCon 2016 Application

Want to apply for OpenCon 2017 but hate writing applications? Tried googling 'opencon application tutorial in < 10min'? Say no more... Have a look at mine!

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Open Science

Open Sciencing in Berlin

Cats, dinosaurs, data dispensers and other open sciency things that happened during the spring equinox in Berlin. "Putting Open Science into practice" was the theme of this year's Barcamp Open Science at the Wikimedia Germany, which preceded the 4th annual Open Science Conference

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Applying Wittgenstein in Knowledge Discovery & Visualization

Is it possible to take the philosophy of Wittgenstein (possibly the greatest philosopher of the 20th century. He's great. It's tremendous) and use his ideas to design and develop software used in everyday life?

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The idea of an open blog

Hello World! A short blog post about why I created this webpage and how I want to implement an open & collaborative blog.

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